Freshwater Fishing Village & Resort

Welcome to Freshwater Fishing Village & Resort

Freshwater Fishing Village is located in barangay Ayala, 5 kms from the municipal hall of Magalang, Pampanga. It is part of a sprawling 12 hectare fishpond. Experience a quiet, relaxing and affordable stay in a farm. Get away from the stressful life of a fast-paced world, the noise and pollution of the urban area.

  • Beat the heat; swim in a large, clean pool
  • Go fishing and catch tilapia (red or black), catfish or pancasius and have it cooked the way you like
  • Relax in a floating kubo as you sip your favorite drink
  • Stroll around the fishing area or lie in a hammock and feel the gentle breeze
  • Enjoy a kalesa ride or go horseback riding around the farm.
  • Stay in a treehouse – complete with bedroom, living and dining rooms
  • Go up the viewing deck and get a breathtaking sight of Mt. Arayat and nearby farms

The resort is ideal for family and company outings, team building, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Unwind. Recharge. Our friendly and accommodating staff will make your stay pleasant and truly enjoyable.

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Freshwater Fishing Village & Resort

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